CE markings
As from 1 July 2013, CE markings are mandatory on all construction products covered by a harmonized standard.
Manufacturers of construction products, including makers of exterior doors, windows and shutters, are now under an obligation to place CE markings on all their products that comply with European standards and provide a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for each product family.
The standard applicable to hinged and sliding shutters bears the reference BS EN 13659: 2004 +A1: 2008 "Shutters. Performance requirements including safety".
The only essential characteristic for construction products concerned by the standard is their resistance to wind loads.
Harmonized standard: A European standard drawn up under a mandate by the ECS (European Committee for Standardization) to meet the requirements of the Construction Products Directive. It sets out the characteristics and performances to be shown by the products put on the market in order to be considered as complying with the requirements of the Construction Products Directive. It contains all the indications necessary for CE markings on products.
CE (European Conformity): The CE logo is a regulatory marking that provides visual proof of the manufacturer's undertaking to ensure that his product complies with the applicable European legislation.
The CE markings must be placed by the manufacturer in a visible, legible and indelible way on the product or a label attached to the product.
CPR (Construction Products Regulation): The CPR is a single, directly applicable European regulation that provides a common model without transposition in all the states of the European Union and is recognized by all administrations and local authorities.
DoP (Declaration of Performance): This document declares the performance levels of a construction product. It has to be drawn up by the manufacturer.
To download the DoPs, click on the links below:
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