The Qualicoat® quality label guarantees the quality of the application of lacquers and certifies that the hot lacquering of products and components used in a shutter complies with a set of standard tests set out in a European directive.
Hot lacquering is a technique that is used to colour an aluminium surface in order to ensure its durability and keep it smart.
Volets Thiebaut works with lacquer appliers who comply with hot lacquering methodology and hold the Qualicoat® quality label.
In France ADAL*, which represents professional specialists in surface treatments for aluminium, is accredited to award the quality label.
 *Association pour le Développement de l'Aluminium Anodisé ou Laqué (Association for Development of Anodized or Lacquered Aluminium) 

Qualideco® is a quality label granted to lacquer appliers holding the Qualicoat® quality label and able to reproduce decorative effects (wood, marble, etc.) using hot lacquering techniques.
 The Wood tones on aluminium shutters are covered by the Qualideco® quality label. The treatment produces a wood look on aluminium profiles in accordance with specifications.
The Qualideco® quality label is also managed by ADAL* and covered by a certification procedure.
 * *Association pour le Développement de l'Aluminium Anodisé ou Laqué (Association for Development of Anodized or Lacquered Aluminium)

The solid and louvred aluminium shutter designs are covered by the Qualimarine® quality label. They are treated with a process that gives them considerable resistance to corrosion caused by harsh conditions such as:
 - Maritime climate
 - Salt spray
 - Chlorinated atmospheres
 - Industrial pollution
Lacquer appliers holding the Qualimarine® quality label also hold the Qualicoat® quality label.
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